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When you think you've figured the story out, the author releases new jaw-dropping twists that will leave you stunned.

The Rx for Murder 
Book 5


TV Journalist Bea Middleton and photographer Lucy Vega, are called to cover the developing story of a military vet shot dead by police for throwing cement blocks off a freeway overpass. The man was supposedly off his meds. His parents swear it wasn’t true. No one believes them...


The Mermaid Broker 
ok 4

Bea and Lucy navigate the dark net of sex tourism to find a young high school biology teacher before she falls victim to a disgraced ocean scientist’s sado-sexual mermaid fantasies and throws her to the sharks, literally. 

A frothy thriller set on the Southern California coast that will leave you gasping for air as it dives into the terrifying underworld of sex trafficking.

Colorado Authors League Best Thriller 2021

Burn Patient Cover.jpg

The Burn Patient
Book 3

Disabled and  disfigured as a result of his
attempt to destroy Lucy Vega, Mercer is back
and intent on revenge through Bea's beautiful
and vulnerable da

Colorado Humanities Center for the Book Best Thriller
Foreword Indies Winner 


Low Country Blood
Book 2

…reads like a thriller and successfully blends multiple ingredients: fast pacing, romance, danger, humor, and a crazy wild ending. A spirited reporter dealing with her past and helping police solve a murder in the family makes this novel hard to put down. --Kirkus Review
Silver Falchion Award Finalist

Deadly Focus cover with sticker.jpg
Deadly Focus
Book 1

During the worst El Nino season in decades, Lucy’s beloved uncle, who raised her from childhood, is killed in a car wreck. When a Los Angeles County homicide detective appears at the scene, Lucy and Bea suspect other terrifying possibilities. The trail leads to a heart-of-darkness scenario in the heroin trafficking foothills of central Mexico.  


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